Two Brothers History

Many of Washington’s most acclaimed wines have humble beginnings - starting life in the garages and basements of passionate, visionary winemakers. Two Brothers Winery is growing from those same roots.

Juggling a successful career and two young sons (Two Brothers), Michael Taylor sought to satisfy a thirst for the art and science of winemaking by honing his skills on the small-batch wines he was already making and sharing in his home in West Seattle, Washington.

Several years ago, he quietly began experimenting with the craft of winemaking, producing a few “palatable” lots in the family’s garage and sharing the harvest with friends and neighbors. His background in the medical profession give him a science-minded approach to wine making, and brought him a decided edge in the chemistry courses taken as part of the Northwest Wine Academy - Wine Technology program at South Seattle Community College.

Michael’s wife, Maria DiPietro Taylor’s family has been practicing the art of making wine for generations, always in small batches and for the simple enjoyment of family and friends. Maria herself owns a busy salon, where artistic talent and great taste are always in abundant supply.

It is this melding of family tradition, art, and science that the Taylor believes is at the heart of every great wine. It is the vision behind Two Brothers Winery, a boutique winery creating premium, artisanal Washington wines in small-batches and offering them to discriminating, adventurous tasters throughout the state.

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