Our Story

Two Brothers Winery is a local family business owned and operated by two brothers, Brian and Eddie Kirkwood, and their spouses, Stephanie and Donna. Eddie and Donna had dreamed of opening a winery in Keller, TX where they currently have a thriving insurance agency. They have been a part of the Keller community for many years and have watched the small-town begin to develop by bringing in amazing restaurants and shopping options, but a winery had not been thought of. Eddie and Donna joined forces with Eddie’s brother Brian and his wife Stephanie to make it a true family business. At Two Brothers Winery we want you to drink what you like and LOVE what you drink! See you at Two Brothers Winery soon.

Our Place

Two Brother Winery is set to open in Old Town Keller in the fall of 2019. We set out to give our customers a place where they can meet up with friends and share stories over a glass of wine. Stop in for a glass or stay to take part in a tasting to find your favorite Two Brothers Wine. Once you pick your favorite you can take a bottle or two (or 3 or 4 or …..) home with you to enjoy.

Our Wines

While we do not have our own vineyard, all the wines will be produced right here in our winery located in Keller, TX. Currently all our juice will be sourced from the Napa Valley wine region in California and hope to branch out to other states at a later date. We take pride in the process and make sure that nothing but the best quality goes into our bottles.