Our Story

Two Brothers Winery is a local family business owned by two brothers and their spouses, Brian, Eddie, Stephanie and Donna. Eddie & Donna dreamed for many years of owning a family winery in their city as they watched a small town start developing with great restaurants but no place to go just to have a glass of wine. Joining with Eddie’s brother Brian & his wife Stephanie was the perfect match to make it a true family business. In the summer of 2019 when the place opens the wines will be produced in house and you can stop in for a glass to see what is your favorite. Once you find what you are looking for you can take a bottle or so home with you to enjoy.

Our Place

We set out to give our customers a place where they can meet up with friends and share stories over a glass of wine, meet for business and work out details of the next big breakthrough or simple stop in and pick up a bottle or two of your favorite local wine.

Our Wines

Our wines are made right here in our winery located in Keller, TX. We take pride in the process and make sure that nothing but the best quality goes into our bottles.